VIDEO: Crazy Ford Housewife Owns Dude In Road Rage Dispute!!!

We’ll let the owner of the video tell it!

Talk about the unexpected. You’re pulling forward in traffic, listening to some of your favorite music when a giant white Ford F-350 dually sails up beside you and cuts you off.

You hold down your horn because you’re angry; at the same time, you’re aware the driver of the Super Duty is probably pissed off, too. Does he or she have a gun or a heavy length of pipe? Who knows?

A few seconds later, what you do know is the passenger of the truck is more livid than the person behind the wheel of it. Again – unexpected. She might not be packing heat, but she’s armed with two middle fingers and fists, a foul mouth…and spit.

As you’ll see in the following video, she’s not afraid to use her entire arsenal, either.