PICS: 8 Second 2016 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet @SEMA



Well it looks like Ford was not to be outdone today with the unveiling of the 2016 Mustang Cobra Jet. Said to turn an  8 second 1/4 mile it is a proper response to Dodge with their Drag Pak(s) and the new Chevy COPO Camaro.

“An eight-second quarter-mile run in a Ford Mustang? It’s possible. But you have to have the right Mustang, and in this case, that’s the new Cobra Jet. Unveiled at SEMA, the 2016 Cobra Jet builds upon Ford’s turnkey racecar program. Only 50 will be made, with each costing $99,990.

The Cobra Jet is a factory-fresh way to run in National Hot Rod Association Stock and Super Stock races, as well as the International Hot Rod Association, National Mustang Racers Association, and National Muscle Car Association. Under the hood is a 5.0-liter V8 with a Whipple supercharger bolted on, and interestingly, Ford says 75 percent of the Cobra Jet’s engine is made up of stock Mustang GT parts.

Keeping everything in check are new coilover shocks and springs, lighter brakes, a roll cage, new fuel system, new seats with racing harnesses, and a race-prepped automatic transmission. Optional equipment includes the graphics pack, at $1,995, and the wheelie bar, which will also set you back $1,995.”