PICS/VIDEO: Meet the ‘YeTTi’ 8 Second ’04 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning Truck

OWNER: Jimmy Dolan (Facebook)

Meet the ‘YeTTi’! This 8 second monster is owned by Jimmy Dolan of Dutchess County, New York. See the YeTTi set the bar high @Atco Spookiest with a strong 8 second pass above. Also enjoy the pics below of the build process and finished product!

“04 Ford Lightning. Bennet Racing sbf. Mark Micke turbo 400 Twin 88 Bullseye BatMowheels…First pass at Atco NJ last week leaving on 3lbs if boost the YeTTi went a 1.31 60 foot and a 8.09 at 166…Alot more to come! Truck built by Paul Albino at Total Induction Tuning Solutions!”