VIDEO: @BoostedGT vs. Nitrous SBC Monte Carlo…..& COPS!

SOURCE: 1320video

BoostedGT battles a  Nitrous SBC Monte Carlo….with an unexpected visit from the boys in blue!

“One of the closest calls on the streets we’ve filmed, back when we used to film the Street Outlaws racers during their CASH DAYS races in Oklahoma and Texas. BoostedGT lines up against this nitrous Monte Carlo during the first round of racing at one of the most unusual street racing spots we have ever seen. The road is an access road that runs along the interstate, with the ability for anyone driving down the interstate to see everything that’s going on! Turns out smoke signals aren’t the best way to lay low! After the cop shows up, the two races duck off, find a garage to hide in, as the spectators and other racers rush behind a fenced in parking lot and close the gate! The ultimate disappearing act!
We figured after highlighting this in our recent top 10 video we should make a feature of the video throwback!”