VIDEO: 2200hp Turbo Cobra Dominates Redemption No Prep!

SOURCE: 1320video

“Redemption No Prep 4.0 was an absolute MAD HOUSE! High caliber names such as Flaco in the Cornfed twin turbo S10, BoostedGT, Kye Kelley, Birdman, and many more showed up to compete! In the small tire class, Boost12 was up against some of the quickest cars in the No Prep world. This turbo cobra is running a Precision 98mm turbocharger stuffing air into a small block Ford V8! We are very familiar with Boost12 with his frequent appearances at King of the Streets (KOTS) up in the Chicago area at Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, Wisconsin. Boost12 has switched up his turbo setup a couple times, trying to fine tune that perfect combo. This was a very rewarding victory for the Chicago based team down in Texas! You may have seen Joey in Boost12 on Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws when they wen toe to toe against the guys from up in Chicago!”