VIDEO: Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo 6

SOURCE: Fullboost

“Brian’s Ford XR6 proves you don’t need huge power to run sub 10-second passes in a late model car. With a little over 600hp at the wheels, the turbocharged Barra six cylinder lifts the front nicely thanks to a Dyno-Mite Performance ‘Quick 60’ suspension setup.

Ford Falcon XR6 turbo
Barra 4L engine (forged internals)
Borg Warner turbocharger
E85 fuel system, AMS1000 boost controller
T400 by Preston Automatics
DYNO-MITE ‘Quick 60’ IRS suspension setup
M&H radial tyre
Power: 460kW / 616hp @ wheels
Tuned by: DYNO-MITE Performance”