VIDEO: 7 Second Turbo SBF Foxbody Ford Mustang!

SOURCE: 1320video

7 Second Turbo SBF Foxbody Ford Mustang!

“Power + Foxbody = Consistent platform. 1300hp Turbo Smal Block Ford may be a “rare” combo these days, but Rich Frost isn’t afraid to show what it’s capable of! Cracking off consistently low 8’s all day long, he finally breaks the barrier and lets us know that he’s still got plenty of room to go! Participating in Ignite Racing Fuel’s “Ethanol Nationals”, presented by Street Car Takeover, many cornfed and cornbred racers showed up for a chance to duke it out on the strip for the Street Racer class! With $10,000 fueling the competition (and some high quality ethanol), it was easy to see why the competition was so fierce!”