VIDEO: Twin Turbo Ford Mustang vs. The World!

SOURCE: 1320video

Twin Turbo Ford Mustang vs. The World!

“Showing up to an event and taking on one class can be a trial of it’s own, but when they payouts are good and you’re confident in your setup…whats it hurt to take on two more? Racing in the RWD class of roll racing, and LSx VS Modular, as well as the high competition of Street Racer! Taking every pass a little farther took this INSANE Twin Turbo Coyote setup from Fast to FASTER! Running serious times wasn’t enough for the driver of this mad machine as he turned it up and SHATTERED the record for Street Car Takeover’s fastest past ever! Screaming down the drag strip of Street Car Takeover’s Orlando event, this Mustang was one serious machine!”