VIDEO: @1320Video Burnouts In A 1000hp Skid Mustang @SummerNats

SOURCE: 1320video

If you’re wondering why everyone has black sh*t all over their faces…Just watch the video!

“Fred has been in a lot of crazy cars in his time at 1320Video, but nothing like THIS! While in Australia, Fred had the opportunity to ride in a MONSTER of a skid car at Summernats 31- S1CKO driven by Jake Myers, a blown alcohol Ford Mustang! Not only that, but this car has won 7 times! It is the most winning-set car in Summernats history. It has been around for a long time, there is even a shot of the car at Summernats 2 on the trunk lid! As you can tell by Fred’s reaction in the video, this was the CRAZIEST experience he has ever had in a car, and he is PUMPED to come back next year! Big thanks to Jake & Gary Myers for the amazing opportunity!”