VIDEO: 1600+hp Ford GT w/24K Gold Under The Hood! @WannaGoFast

SOURCE: 1320video

1600+hp Ford GT w/24K Gold Under The Hood! @WannaGoFast

“Remember Mullets M2K Motorsports built Ford GT? The Twin Turbo insanity with 24k GOLD plated piping and accents? Yeah, that beautiful example of detail and precision is BACK with a new owner and running VERY well! It’s been a long time since we’ve seen this car and it’s made its way back in front of us for WannaGoFast’s Dallas 1/2 Mile Shootout. WannaGoFast events are notorious for hosting a “personal highway” style racing event that brings out cars from 300HP all the way up to 3000HP and thats why we love coming back. So many incredible builds and some truly unbelievable 230MPH+ passes keep this family like event one that gets our adrenaline up and brings us back event after event”