PICS: Supercharged Ford Mustang Totaled By Mechanic’s Assistant!

SOURCE: Mark Grage (Facebook)

Imagine dropping your brand new 5.0 off to the dealer to get your blower installed only to get a call saying “the help” has totaled your car. Well that is exactly what happened to this guy, brand new Mustang totaled by the mechanic’s assistant after a supercharger install. I’m pretty sure that’s not what they mean by the saying “test drive”.

“After buying my new Mustang from Loveland Ford I decided to have them install a super charger. After the super charger was installed the mechanics apprentice and his friend took the car out to see what it would do. The mechanics apprentice totaled out my new Mustang with only 266 miles on it. To my knowledge he still works there. I won’t be returning to Loveland Ford for any reason due to how unprofessional this matter was handled.”

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