VIDEO: Coyote Mustang Swapped Ford Fusion??? 😎

SOURCE: Hoonigan Daily Transmission

Take a peek at this 5.0L Coyote Ford Mustang swapped Ford Fusion! Im not entirely sure what inspired the hours of hard work that went into this build but I definitely appreciate the finished product!

“We see a lot of swaps here in the Burnyard… the two letter combos you all know well: LS. JZ. RB. SR. But sometimes, two letters just aren’t enough to cover what’s going on in an engine bay. Like Matt Soppa’s Coyote swapped Ford Fusion. Matt took a normally pedestrian looking sedan, and made it matter – with 5.0 liters of fury packed into the family sedan. AND he drives the hell out of it. Matt, we salute you for this madness.”

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