VIDEO: Meet Patches…Not Bad For A Week Old Budget Build Foxbody! | @FatTuesday No Prep!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Time for some hot Mustang action from Fat Tuesday No Prep! Take a look at “Patches”, put together just a week ago after a nasty crash, this Frankenstein fox body Ford Mustang rips!

“Patches is the name of a multi-colored fox body mustang that was put otgether after a nasty wreck in a week and entered the fat Tuesday no prep race in Gulfport , Mississippi. The true street class drives a 15 mile cruise then races. The class is aimed to keep the car as close to a street car as possible. The cars in the video are street cars that seeing who is the fastest. Check out the video and check out the patches team as they have a lot heart making this race.”

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