VIDEO: Ever Launched Your Boss 302 Mustang Off A 400ft Cliff? @PepeTowing

SOURCE: Pepe’s Towing Service

If you ever happen to launch your Boss 302 Ford Mustang off a 400ft cliff…These are the guys to call! Meet “Hulk”, the most bad-azz tow rig I have ever seen! Follow along with the good folks of PePe’s Towing as they cliff-hang to reel this little Pony up the hillside! Nice work fellas!

“We received a call from the California Highway Patrol on Saturday, March 28, 2020, to see if we could recover a vehicle that went down several hundred feet off a cliff. The company that they originally called tried with a medium duty wrecker and told CHP they would have to call a rotator due to the distance and difficulty. Traffic was heavy at the time, so they scheduled us for the following morning at 7:00am. I responded with Hulk, my 50ton rotator, and Castro in a flatbed. The vehicle was not able to be seen from the roadway, so I used my drone to locate it first, then to scout the path with least resistance for the way back up. We expected it to be at least 400′, so we came prepared with over 150′ of choker cable to attach to Hulk’s 250′ winch line. The hike down to the vehicle was one of the more difficult ones I’ve done as there was tall prickly bushes everywhere and the slope was extreme, at one point hitting a straight wall. Once the vehicle was secured, Hulk’s brute strength winched it back up to the roadway, pulling it through all the obstacles in its way.”

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