VIDEO: @Street Outlaws Mike Murillo TT Mustang vs. Sidewinder Procharged Camaro!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Street Outlaws star Mike Murillo brings his twin turbo Foxbody Ford Mustang out to play against the “Sidewinder” Procharged Camaro. Place ya bets!

“In this video we have the sixteen time world champion Mike Murillo who also has won a No Prep King Title as well. Its always exciting seeing Mike run due to the fact he always comes ready to race. This race was no exception as he had some trouble testing his car at edinburg motorsports park. Edinburg motorsports park is the track where Murillo crashed his black mustang before and seems to have a bit of trouble getting down. But, Murillo this time around entered the winter heat wave no prep event in the big tire class. He struggled a bit during testing but we included the good pass he had during testing before he took on the sidewinder. The sidewinder is a procharged camaro that works. It was a good battle between these two boosted cars on a no prep surface that was tricky.

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