VIDEO: Street Outlaws DeathTrap Chuck Goes Rounds On Small Tire!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Street Outlaws star Death Trap Chuck broke out his turbo small tire Foxbody Ford Mustang and went rounds at Outlaw Armageddon.

“In this video we have chuck who normally drives the death trap turbo mustang in big tire. But, in this video he is driving his turbo small tire mustang at outlaw armageddon. Chuck pulled double driving duties at armageddon and it was impressive. Chuck has not done many passes with the small tire turbo mustang but as you can see in the video he is slowly progressing with every pass. It was good enough to go several rounds in a killer class of small tire guys. He faced off against a fellow oklahoma racer who drives a boosted mustang that was an extremely tight race at the stripe. Watch the video as chuck explains his struggles with the small tire car”

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