VIDEO: Supercharged Ford Mustang vs. Arkansas State Police | 170+mph

SOURCE: Real World Police

Well that is one way to test out the new supercharger on your Ford Mustang! Unfortunately for this dude its probably going to land him in jail for a pretty long time after hitting 178 mph while fleeing the police. If he had just stopped he probably would have got off with a ticket or warning smh…

“On October 8, 2020 at approximately 1:39am Trooper Matthew Walker of the Arkansas State Police was traveling eastbound on I-30 near the Arch Street overpass when he noticed a passenger vehicle in the far left lane traveling at a high rate of speed. Walker activated his rear radar and showed the vehicle to be traveling 78 mph in a 65 mph zone. Trooper Walker slowed down to allow the vehicle to pass, and as the vehicle passed he activated his emergency lights to conduct a traffic stop. The vehicle was a gray Ford Mustang bearing Arkansas plate 799ZEX. As Walker activated his emergency lights, the vehicle immediately picked up speed, accelerating away from Walker’s Dodge Charger at a rate far faster than Walker could match. Walker wrote “I visually observed the weight of the vehicle shift backwards as he began to accelerate. I shortly activated my emergency sirens and notified dispatch I was in pursuit.” “The vehicle continued to travel eastbound onto I-30 at a high rate of speed. While on I-30, I reached top speeds of 152 mph and the suspect vehicle was still putting distance between us. I keep the vehicle in sight, knowing Trooper Worn was sitting in the area of Interstate 40 near North Hills.” “I managed to keep the suspects’ vehicle in sight and [was] able to notify Trooper Worn that the suspect took the exit to travel eastbound on Interstate 40.” “Trooper Worn was sitting stationary on the right shoulder just past the North Hills exit on Interstate 40, waiting on the suspect vehicle. Trooper Worn activated his emergency lights and sirens as the suspect vehicle began to approach him. The vehicle drove around Trooper Worn and continued to travel eastbound on Interstate 40.” “I became secondary in the pursuit and Trooper Worn became primary in the pursuit. Shortly after Trooper Worn became primary, the suspects’ vehicle exited off Interstate 40 onto Highway 161 traveling southbound.” “While on Highway 161 the vehicle collided with two other vehicles at the intersection of Bethany Road and Highway 161 [ ]. The suspect vehicle came to a complete stop against a building [ ] and a concrete barrier.” “The suspect, later identified as Kendrick Price, was sitting against the side of the building in the Sonic parking lot. Trooper Worn and I began to place Prices hands behind his back and Price tensed up and attempted to pull away from us. As I began to attempt to take Price to the ground a North Little Rock officer came up and assisted us in taking Price to the ground.” “Price was taken into custody after a short struggle and secured into the back of my patrol vehicle. Price was later transported to UAMS to be treated for a cut on his chin, which occurred during the accident. After being treated by medical staff, Price was transported to Pulaski County Detention Center. Price was charged with Speeding, Felony Fleeing by Vehicle, Reckless Driving and Resisting Arrest.” During conversation with Trooper Walker, Price freely admitted that he had been driving his supercharged 2017 Mustang at speeds as high as 178 miles per hour during the pursuit. ”

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