VIDEO: 2000hp Twin Turbo Ford Mustang | 7 Second Beast!

SOURCE: 1320video

Moving over from the original single 76mm setup, Brett Lasala has now set his Mustang Up with twin 76mm’s and a Powerglide! This may truly be the prettiest engine bay on earth and she is about business pumping out low 7 second passes!
“We’ve seen Brett Lasala and his spotless Coyote Mustang racing for nearly half a decade now. At one point, he held the 6R80 6-speed 1/4 mile record, with a 7.71, but now has moved onto a Powerglide. What’s really crazy about this car (to us) is how ridiculously clean the engine bay is. It looks like it belongs on a Sema showroom floor, but it only sees drag strips and the lifts at Real Street Performance. Props to Brett for putting together such a clean build, while managing low 7 (near 200mph) passes at the same time. We need more street cars like this one! “

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