VIDEO: Street Outlaws Death Trap Chuck New Car “2nd Amendment”

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Looks like Death Trap Chuck has a new ride! Sticking with the Foxbody Mustang platform lets see how this new pony gets down the track in Tucson AZ!

“In this video we have street outlaws chuck in his new car at the tucson dragway’s no prep event in tucson, arizona. Chuck has been running the death trap since the beginning of the season but realized the car was just not a number one car at the track. So Chuck brought out his newly built car known as the second amendment. The new car is rumored to have more power and overall a faster car than the death trap was. Chuck has been number one in the street list and won a no prep kings event before. Chuck has what it takes to take this new car straight to the top. In the video, chuck can be seen getting a handle on the new car and has not started to turn it up yet. Slowly he has making progress with the tunes on the new car and is a car to look for in the upcoming events. ”

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