VIDEO: Kayla Morton Procharged Mustang Kickin AZZ @BandimereRaceway

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Kayla Morton Came out to Bandimere Speedway on a kill mission! Her Procharged Mustang took down car after car as she continues to break barriers for women in No Prep!

“In this video we have the driver of a fast prochargered mustang from stk racing kayla morton. Kayla Morton has raced on unprepped surfaces for many years and in no prep has been the first female to win a no prep event along with going to the finals of the outlaw big tire classes in no prep kings. Kayla Morton has also battled over a sixty car field in american outlaws live to reach the semi-finals as well. Kayla Morton has been a pioneer for women to get into the male dominated sport of no prep drag races. Kayla entered another outlaw big tire class and was instantly a powerhouse straight out of the gate. Kayla had taken a break from racing to concrete on family but she came back with a vengence. In this video she shows the world she is here to stay with some back to back fast passes in a racetrack that has high altitude. She entered the outlaw big tire class at bandimere raceway in colorado.”

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