VIDEO: All New “Game Changer” Procharged S550 Mustang Kisses The Wall! 🤦‍♂️

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Steven Brindle was having one heck of a day in the Game Changer Ford Mustang with its new Procharged S550 setup. The car was hookin and bookin all day until the later rounds when he got a little loose on the top end and kissed the wall. Steven was ok and the car suffered minor cosmetic damage. I look forward to seeing more of this car in the future!

“In this video we have the game changer team racing in palm beach, florida for their no prep event. First up, is Steven Brindle in his procharged s550 mustang entering his car in the future street outlaw class. Steven was the owner of the original game changer mustang but decided to hop back in the seat after a small layoff due to reasons. This time around the game changer mustang used to be a proline new edge style mustang switched over to a new s550 platform. The new game changer mustang is truly a game changer for the team as they found themselves going multiple rounds until they raced david gates. David Gates is known for driving the redrum turbo mustang in small tire but was driving Lizzy Musi’s grey camaro in the future street outlaw class. With that nitrous combination working all weekend it would be a drag race! ”

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