VIDEO: Street Outlaws Birdman vs. Jerry Bird | Firebird No Prep Event!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

It was the battle of the Birds at Firebird Raceway no prep event!

“A tale of two birds that are extremely tough to beat which is Jerry Bird from the Nola team and Birdman from the Texas team. Jerry Bird is a nitrous buck motor probe that has been having a strong showing in the no prep series. Jerry Bird had two grudge races with familiar faces which included birdman as well. Grudge races are usually a race used to collect data so they can get progressively faster once eliminations begin. Jerry Bird took on a fellow team mate during eliminations which was Lizzy Musi who in her new Camaro is looking explosive off the line and strong overall. Birdman looked like he couldn’t get the car to go straight on the sketchy track at Firebird race in eagle, idaho. But during eliminations birdman shows up and grabs a win against the cash days champion himself brandon james. ”

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